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TGP Egypt is a professional chartered firm specialised in a wide spectrum of professional accountancy services.

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For more than 35 years of experience, TGP Egypt, Girgis Abdelnour & Co. has served a wide range of clients with expertise in Audit & Assurance, Accounting, Financial Advisory and Tax Consultancy. It is one of the leading accounting and advisory firms in Cairo, Egypt.
Although Egypt is our home, our reach is international through our membership and involvement with IECnet Global. IECnet is an international association of accountants, auditors and tax consultants established to facilitate cross-border business and share the highest standards of professional duties and client services.

As our relationship with corporations and individuals have grown, so has our firm expanded in its resources and capabilities with extensive experience in a variety of industries. We focus on the goal of providing proficient and cost-effective finance and accounting solutions to offshore and onshore clientele while guiding and helping them achieve their full business potential.

Simplicity and Clarity

Our firm’s core focus is to provide our clientele with a suite of top-notch accounting business services tailor-made to the demands of the ever-evolving competitive market. Guiding and helping businesses move from confusion to clarity by providing solutions to simplify financial recording and reporting processes.

Accessible and Responsive

We understand your expectations of an accounting firm to be not only responsive, but to be accessible and proactive in regards to changes in your personal or business environment as well as changes in government and accounting regulations.

Integrity and Accountability

We see that part of our mission is educating clients about accounting and finance related matters. Providing clients with knowledge and assistance needed for better decision making to their businesses.

Well- Informed

Our team of expert accountants, auditors & tax advisors are acclaimed for their experience and commitment in executing these services with superior levels of professionalism. We value your trust, which is why we adhere to the highest international standards in our work.

Licences and Registrations

TGP office is registered and licensed by the following authorities:


Founded TGP

Founded TGP. Mr Girgis Abdelnour, Founder and Managing Partner, established the firm with the name “The International Bureau for Accountancy and Taxes”. Mr Abdelnour has a huge practical experience exceeds 40 years in the field of accountancy and thus evolved over the years and managed to build the trust in the marketplace along with our clients.



New relocation

As we continued to grow, expansions required a relocation to new larger premises at Nerco, Degla, Maadi to better serve our clients and meet the increasing demand for our professional services.



Sharm El-Sheikh Presence

We expanded our presence in Sharm El-Sheikh by opening a third office in the city, allowing us to continue providing our professional services to city-based businesses and better serve the needs of the community.



25 years

We celebrated 25 Years in business and rebranded our firm and altered the name to “The Good People, financially yours” with the aim to modernize the key elements that convey our mission and orientation for growth, while remaining true to our longstanding reputation.



Member of IECnet Global

We became a member of IECnet Global – a leading international association of accountants, auditors and tax consultants – to facilitate cross-border businesses and clients and share the highest standards of professional duties and client services.



New branding

We are proud to announce our new branding, company website, logo upgrade and refreshed colours, as part of our ongoing evolution of our firm. We have evolved over the past years with our rich history and deep roots and now it is time for a change to present ourselves better and create a clear picture of who we are today.


Meet Our
Key People!

Girgis Abdelnour

Chairman & Managing Director
Girgis Abdelnour's professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for his work. As the Chairman and Managing Director of TGP Egypt, a leading accounting, auditing and tax consultancy firm in the country, Abdelnour has demonstrated his ability to provide high-quality services to his clients.Abdelnour's journey began with his certification as a Registered Accountant, Auditor and Tax Advisor, after which he went on to obtain several other registrations, including Registered Insurance Accountant, Registered Financial Regulatory Authority Accountant, Registered Central Bank Accountant, and Registered Central Auditing Agency Accountant. His extensive knowledge of the regulatory environment in Egypt has enabled him to provide his clients with exceptional guidance and support, particularly in navigating the complex tax system in the country. Abdelnour's reputation as an expert in the field of accounting and taxation is well-deserved, owing to his vast experience and deep understanding of the industry. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Expert, and a Fellow of both the Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors and the Egyptian Tax Society. In addition, he is a member of IECnet, a global association of accountants and auditors, through which he has made significant contributions to the development of the profession.
Abdelnour's expertise in providing tax consulting services to multinational companies is particularly noteworthy. He has helped his clients to navigate the intricacies of the tax system in Egypt, providing them with valuable insights and advice that have allowed them to optimize their operations and minimize their tax liabilities. Overall, Girgis Abdelnour's journey in the field of accounting and taxation is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. His ability to provide exceptional services to his clients, coupled with his vast knowledge of the industry, has made him one of the most respected figures in the field of accounting and taxation in Egypt.
Marco Abdalnour
Partner & Senior Auditor & Tax Associate
Romel Wessa
Senior Auditor & Tax Manager
Ahmed Daoud
IT Coordinator
Mina Magdy
Senior Auditor
Beshoe Adel
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Merna Mostafa
Admin & HR Specialist
Hany Fouad
Senior Auditor

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