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The hospitality industry is comprised of varies sectors that host, feed, transport and amuse guests. Each sector offers a broad range of goods and services while encompassing a wide range of fields. Hospitality and tourism sector is a vital and strategic component of the Egyptian economy as it contributes significantly to GDP growth and employs 12% of Egyptian workforce.
According to data from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Egypt’s travel and tourism sector grew by 16.5% in 2018, significantly surpassing the 3.9% global average. The ministry of tourism’s initiatives to excel in establishing new tourism regulations across the country led to this performance, which is the result of ongoing efforts being made to improve tourist safety and security as well as their overall experience in the country.

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In an industry that is vulnerable to fluctuations, TGP Girgis Abdelnour & Co. can provide you with the advice and experience needed from managing costs and tax efficiencies to financial control and compliance.

Our professionals acquired extensive knowledge over the years in helping tourism, hotel, and leisure industries to cope with the complex needs of the market and ultimately, improve your profile and competitive edge in the marketplace.

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