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Nonprofit organizations serve both individuals and communities, and they have a generous and measurable impact on society. Of course, the challenges facing NGOs are often serious that may threaten the organization by a number of obstacles include limited resources, financial constraints, budget cuts, unstable political conditions, to name a few. There are several ways in which nonprofit accounting differs from forprofit accounting. Nonprofit organizations do not operate solely with profits in mind, but they nevertheless require accounting systems to record transactions, reimburse employees and manage cash flow.

How can we help?

Having worked with many nonprofit organizations and charities over the years, we understand the challenges firsthand. Overcoming these challenges can transform your accounting and tax burden from a troublesome necessity into a vital advantage that helps you achieve longterm success.

TGP’s notforprofit specialists are always ready and committed to support your organization and optimize organizational performance in array of services to help you attain compliance and mitigate risks and ultimately, deliver on your mission.

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