Construction and Real Estate

Several infrastructure projects are taking place in Egypt; despite the global financial crisis, real estate and construction industry is still one of the largest economic sectors in Egypt.

Mining and Petroleum

Despite contributing only about 0.5% of the nation's GDP, the mining sector is expected to be one of the most strategically significant and fastest-growing industries of the coming decade given recent public policy priorities.


Factories are constantly looking for new methods to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

Insurance and Brokerage Institutions

TGP Egypt has a long history of serving insurance and brokerage institutions. These organizations make up a significant portion of our client base.

Food and Beverage

The global food and beverage industry is becoming increasingly interested in Egypt due to its strategic location, large consumer base, and remarkable reform agenda.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism sector is a vital and strategic component of the Egyptian economy as it contributes significantly to GDP growth and employs 12% of Egyptian workforce.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

pharmaceutical and healthcare-related businesses are subject to a unique set of risks and regulations in a constantly changing environment.

Technology and Media Production

There has never been a time when media, technology, and telecommunications corporations are more intertwined than today.

Education Institutions

Egypt’s education sector creates and serves the largest workforce in the Middle East and North Africa region with more than 20 million students enrolled in pre-university and university education levels.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have to comply with many accounting rules and tax regulations, often making their tax and accounting tasks seem overwhelming and challenging.

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