Auditing & Assurance

Several Companies have suffered from fraudulent and embezzlement activities that ultimately led to company’s bankruptcy and downfall.

Effective assurance depends on extensive and up to-date knowledge of financial and public
accounting regulations.

TGP professionals will help you provide independently verified information for the company’s shareholders, creditors, investors, and other key stakeholders to ensure true and fair view of the financial statements. The professionals of Girgis Abdelnour & Co. (TGP Egypt) support clients with years in practice and experience through our ongoing professional development.

Our approach is taking a handson with our clients and deep dive into their businessesfinancial health to fully understand the financial, operational, and personal aspects of their work nature. These examinations make us aware of all the risks and challenges facing your business and how you can prepare for those risks in the future. On the other hand, they highlight opportunities to enhance business compliance with its legal and regulatory obligations.

Auditing & Assurance Services include:

External Audit
Internal Audit

Specialist Audit

Assurance Services

Advisory Services

Financial Reporting

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