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Egypt’s education sector creates and serves the largest workforce in the Middle East and North Africa region with more than 20 million students enrolled in preuniversity and university education levels. The Egyptian education system is widely acknowledged to require reform at all levels primary and secondary school, postsecondary, and lifelong learning and workplace training. The government is therefore focused on upgrading the quality of education at all levels; where it offers a great opportunity for investors and education providers looking for growth in the MENA region due to favorable investment fundamentals and conditions in a society that has long valued education as the means to social and economic mobility a long with a sustained demand for education due to steady population growth.

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At TGP, we understand the challenges you face in education sector and know exactly what it takes to establish, grow, and maintain a profitable practice. Over the years, we have served as trusted advisors providing audit and accounting, tax, and advisory services to a wide range of education institutions.

Our approach is straightforward and transparent. The best solutions come from listening closely and collaborating with you. You will deal directly with our senior partners who will provide the perspective you need for setting effective strategies and achieving your financial and operational goals.

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