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Egypt’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is among the most attractive in the MENA region. The industry has seen an increase in investments and interests from multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to enter the market due to the reforming economic and regulatory environment. The pharmaceutical market in Egypt was valued at $3.1bn in 2018 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of roughly 8% to reach $5.2bn by 2025. However, pharmaceutical and healthcarerelated businesses are subject to a unique set of risks and regulations in a constantly changing environment. Striking a balance between providing your clients and patients the highest service possible, while maintaining profitability and growing your business, can prove to be a difficult balancing act.

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At TGP Egypt, we have seen the industry complexities and we are familiar with the dynamic relationships that exist between industry’s manufacturers, agents, clients and end consumers. We offer professional services to businesses of all sizes, from small pharmaceutical startups to large multinational corporations.

We work closely with medical, dental and other healthcarerelated businesses to provide the financial and business advice needed in order to make informed decisions for your practice. We provide a range of advisory solutions to enhance the overall business’ financial health, including: tax planning and minimization strategies, cash flow management and transaction services, in addition to traditional accounting and assurance services.

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